Travelling down High Street Road in a bus this afternoon (as I often do on a Wednesday), at the corner of High Street Road and Springvale Road (outside The Mountain View Hotel, I spotted three people, each waving placards at passing motorists, with large photographs of the Liberal Candidate for the seat of Bruce. And between them was a smiling woman,... smiling with all the enthusiasm of a Liberal candidate trying to win a seat that is already held by the ALP by a margin of 3.5%. (Alan Griffin ALP 3.5%)

My eye for faces isn't that good, but I'm 98% certain that it was the candidate herself standing on the footpath, presenting herself to drive-by voters. And one pedestrian (the only one in sight) crossed the street from the MacDonald's side to the Pub side to shake her hand. Can this be evidence of a degree of grass roots support that hasn't been picked up in polling? Could Angela Randall's placard waving lead to a surprise Liberal win? Only ten days to go!

Angela Randall

This was the first candidate I've seen in the flesh since the election started. I've had brushes with fame before. I'm old enough to have once seen Sir Robert Menzies. (Old and wizened in a wheel chair.) I once saw (Edward) Gough Whitlam (when he was still young enough to be standing tall, head almost brushing the ceiling of the Union Building at Monash). F.W. De Klerk (winner of half a Nobel Peace Prize) who strolled across a foyer in a Melbourne hotel whilst I was strolling across the foyer in the other direction for no particular reason. But Angela Randall is the only candidate for the 2007 election who has taken the effort to stand on a street corner so that I could see her in the flesh.

Presumably it's cheaper than advertising.

PS: The seat of Bruce is named after Prime Minister Stanley Bruce. The only Australian Prime Minister (as at 14th November 2007) to ever lose his seat at a General Election.

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Anthony Holmes November 14th, 2007 10:30:49 PM