We caught up with my friend Sarah, who now lives in San Francisco on the weekend.

She had retrieved from a storage box in Melbourne a set of letters that I had sent her whilst I worked in Horsham as an Articled Clerk in 1988. She hurt me by saying she couldn't read my hand written letters: when I looked at them I could tell that they were in my absolutely bestest ever handwriting. But I had succumbed to people who complained about my handwriting a few months later in early 1988 and started typing my letters on my Commodore 64 and printing them on my Epson Dot Matrix printer.

Readers of my blog will be unsurprised to discover that my letters were filled with a random collection of trivia.

When Steve Bracks unexpectedly became Premier of Victoria in November 1999, I had completely forgotten that I had written about him in a letter eleven years previously.

4th July 1988

"...I've been watching television. I'm disappointed - they've replaced Moonlighting with Alfred Hitchcock Presents in order to show Wimbeldon when the rain stops in London. Alfred's program isn't worth watching, but the two minute introduction that he gives before what is generally a poor quality program usually is. Tonight he told us that all his programs have a moral, as do the sponsors' messages that interrupt it. BTV 6 then cut for an ALP election message. The slogan is "Bracks for Ballarat North". Not quite the snappiest I've heard. I think someone at BTV 6 has a sense of humour. I think that there is something negative about the ALP Government referring to the Cain Government - I always start thinking about the Biblical Cain, and all the negative connotations that follow."

Despite the State Bank having run up huge debts, and the budget being in a difficult state (not to mention the Stock Market Crash of 1987), the Cain Government was narrowly re-elected in 1988.

I never expected to hear anything more about unsuccessful candidate Steve Bracks.

ach199200825web Wheat Silos and railway tracks
Wheat Silos and Railway Tracks, somewhere between Horsham and Mildura... I can't remember exactly where.

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